We've all heard the stories of people being massively ripped of by tradesman that over charge for work or carry out the incorrect job as it brings the more money. Well look what i found ensure you will not be one of these brilliant people and hire the right painter.

1. Get at least three estimates from three different painters in Oxford. Once you meet with the Oxford decorating representative let them know they're not the only decorator in Oxford you have contacted for your job. By letting the Oxford decorator know there's competition for the work it will mean they may well be more prepared to negotiate on the price.


2. Whoever you chose make it clear for them you will only pay them once a week (Thursday or Friday) for the task done. Some Oxford painters try to use customers as their particular personal cash machine. Remember it arrives your pocket once a week (Thursday or Friday) and that's it.

3. Purchase all of the supplies necessary for the task yourself and you'll save money. You or a relative can accompany the painters to grab supplies. This will imply that the Oxford decorating company cannot up sell the merchandise they buy, for instance they buy a container of paint for £15 and then charge you £25 for it. Just ask the decorators because of their set of supplies required for the job.

4. Set clear deadlines for the job. Placing penalties and bonuses in working with the organization give you another tool to utilize to make a fair contract. If you may not set clear deadlines it will lead to the Oxford decorator taking more than they will to complete the task while not being strict with them.


5. Put everything in writing this way everyone understands what is expected of them. There are certainly a lot of great Oxford painting companies to decide on from. Most Oxford painters could be more than pleased to draft a contract, any that does not wish to shows a clear sign they are not a respected Oxford decorating business.